My therapeutic approach is direct and strength-based and I use a solution-focused model that puts a priority on real world problem solving.

Strengths-based, solution focused counseling is a model that focuses on an individual’s inherent strengths and skills and uses those assets as building blocks for future success and problem-solving.

Instead of focusing on the problem, which often makes people feel like victims of circumstance, a strengths-based, solution focused approach draws attention to the positives that already exist within and around all of us. This approach dictates that people aren’t defined by their problems, life traumas, diagnosis, or illness. Instead they are defined by their capacity for growth and change.

My goal is to help you move in the direction of increased peace and happiness in your daily life. I believe that we are happiest and healthiest when we are compassionately truthful with ourselves and with the people in our lives.

You’ll find me to be down to earth, respectful, honest, and challenging.

While I am compassionate and sensitive to emotion, it is my firm belief that the road to happiness is paved with hard work, dedication to rational thought, acknowledgement of our strengths and weaknesses and a determination to endure short term pain as the price for long term peace and joy.

For this reason, if you are seeking therapy the way many people join the gym, with the mentality that you have improved your health simply by signing up, but without the determination to actively change your life, we will not be a good fit.