Because I offer niche counseling services that many of my prospective clients have had difficulty finding elsewhere, I now offer distance counseling. Online therapy has some limitations but in some situations it is highly beneficial. My strong preference is to see clients in my office but if you are unable to see me in person, I am happy to provide therapy online. I use Vsee—which is HIPPA compliant. If you would like to pursue online counseling with me, please read my page.


Until recently I declined online therapy because of limitations inherent in online communication. What I have come to realize is that there are situations where online therapy is preferable to leaving prospective clients in a situation where they feel that they cannot find specialty services any other way.

A few justified uses of online counseling might include:


  • Situations where clients are unable to find a local, niche therapist with whom they feel comfortable
  • Cases where clients are suffering from extreme agoraphobia or other anxiety disorders which make it difficult for them to see therapists in person
  • Cases where clients are so severely depressed they are unable to leave the house
  • Situations where we have established a relationship and you are relocating and are no longer able to see me in person. Many people prefer to continue working with me online as opposed to ‘starting over’ with a new therapist

Confidentiality and Laws

If you would like to begin online therapy, you may call me and provide me with a mailing address where I can send intake paperwork, or you can email me and I will email your intake forms to you as attachments. In order to protect your privacy, I will ask you to fill out these forms and send them to me via snail mail. Once I have received them, we will schedule our first session.

You will need to have VSee installed on your computer and be familiar with its use.

I offer online therapy via Vsee. I will not record VSee sessions; however, I cannot guarantee that Vsee sessions are 100% secure. 
All online communication is susceptible to hacking and encryption breaches. Many therapists use VSee and find it to be safe. Still, you should be aware that there is always a risk involved with any online communication.

You should also be aware of the risks associated with all authorized or unauthorized people who have access to any technology you may use while you are in counseling with me. This includes family members, friends, acquaintances, and fellow employees who may have access to your computer or mobile device.

Also be aware that the laws governing therapists in Washington, where I work, may be different than the laws in your state.

Technical Difficulties and 
Contact Information

Technology is not perfect. There may be times when you are in an online counseling session with me and we lose our connection. I will never disconnect in the middle of a session on purpose. If a disconnection occurs, I will call you or you may call me so that we can talk until the connection issue is resolved. My phone number is 503-962-0945. When scheduling our session, we will discuss what to do in the event of a disconnection.